May 21, 2013

Oscar de la Hoya Should Find Another Career

Tags: Floyd Mayweather, Roger Mayweather, Oscar de la Hoya, Boxing, Golden Boy Production, Twitter, Pathological Liar
Oscar de la Hoya is the promoter of Golden Boy Productions. He was a boxer before he started his business as a promoter. He won a lot of titles after his wife made him retired so he found another career. He was a good boxer but he is an awful promoter. He ruined his ego when he started attacking other promoters like Bob Arum who taught him everything he knows, really Oscar How old are we? He also was an alcoholic, beat his wife, and just basically ruined boxing. He doesn't know what he is doing as far as keeping the fans satisfied. HBO recently stop working with Oscar de la Hoya, he didn't care he went on Twitter and attacked them even though HBO were giving him more ratings for the fights compared to other networks. Did I mention he is not professional? some people would just take criticism but not him he goes on Twitter or any other social network and attack people who do him wrong. He is sobered up, I will give him that but as far as a promoter he will ruin boxing. People don't know what he does behind doors celebrities tend to hide there serious problems behind close doors. We didn't know he was an alcoholic until six years later when the photo of him dressed up as a drag queen was all over the web. He is a pathological liar.
Fans would stop watching boxing all together because of him. Boxing is a great sport to watch and something people can enjoy. I would hate to see that one particular person who doesn't know what he is doing to ruin it just because he is an envious person. He is hurting boxing he thinks he knows what he is doing but business wise he is going to loose his business. He supposedly made millions of dollars last year but he is partnered with four other people who are well educated as well. No wonder Mexicans don't like him he is a stuck up and he disrespected a Mexican legend. In the Mexican culture you are not suppose to disrespect your elders, it doesn't matter the excuse. GROW UP People assume that we don't like him because he has a job why is it that we like the billionaires in Mexico but we hate him. I mean billionaires have jobs too. I think he is a disgusting human being. He should get back into boxing since he likes to attack other boxers on their fights I want to see that is not only talk. But for now he is just talk. He is in a vengeance to get Mayweather to loose his title since he beat the hell out of him a couple of years before. And was the only black person to do that. Why not go after the other Hispanics who beat you. A lot of Hispanics support Mayweather is not a race thing he is just a great boxer. Roger Mayweather even thinks that Oscar de la Hoya doesn't know shit about boxing, he just doesn't like Floyd because of the last fight. Moreover, that's why I think there should be more women in business because of people like him. If he doesn't want people talking about him then stop giving people a reason to talk about you and it doesn't take a lot. "Listen to words, believe actions"

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